Hand Washing Stations

Events and job sites must provide workers, visitors and audiences with the proper means to keep clean in order to remain up-to-code with public health regulations. Texas Waste Co. has several hand sanitizing solutions that will undoubtedly fit any scenario.

Standard hand washing stations have a freestanding, durable design that can accommodate almost any type of event or job site. Each unit provides dual-sided wash facilities to take on any size crowd.

Job site hand washing stations up the ante with a sealed fresh water tank that chloride tablets can be dropped into to safeguard against bacteria that could be living in the water. For industrial sites with high-risk regulations, industrial hand washing stations are a must.

Hand sanitizing stations provide customers with a low cost alternative to full-scale hand washing stations. These convenient facilities proved multiple foam hand sanitizing pumps per unit and work well alone or in addition to other sanitation facilities.