Hand Sanitizing Stations

hand sanitizer station

Features Include

  • Tip-resistant design
  • Durable construction
  • 2 or 4 foam soap dispensers
  • 800ml or 1000ml volume dispensers
  • Dispenser mount up to 42” off the ground
  • 200lb water base capacity
  • Easy-fill, easy-drain base design

About this Product

For a quick, lower-cost solution to sanitation, Texas Waste Co. offers hand sanitizing stations for rent. These compact stands are built from extremely durable material to withstand large crowds, harsh conditions, year-after-year rental and even attempted vandalism.

Hand sanitizing stations are a perfect solution to control the spread of germs for events and locations like:

Each hand sanitizing station has a unique, tip-resistant design and, depending on the volume of users expected, can provide either two or four sanitizing solution dispensers. In addition to the anti-topple design, the base of our hand sanitizing stations can hold up to 200lbs of water for maximum stability. They can be used independently or in addition to our other hand washing stations for added defense against the spread of germs and are easily transportable.

Call Texas Waste Co. today to speak with one of our sanitation specialists. They will help to outfit your next event or project with sanitation solutions like our hand sanitizing stations to help keep your site clean and safe.